Anonymous → Does sam have a snapchat


Anonymous → Does Lia have a snapchat?


thanku guys for 10k followers, that’s honestly so amazing and I never thought I’d ever reach that many followers ever in my life 💘 I love u all🌻

panicattheraquel → Your very pretty!!

thank you :)💘

shinestrong09 → Does Jc have a tumblr? 🌻

Anonymous → WHAT IS JC'S SNAPCHAT?! 😪


3 more followers until 10k oh my👽🌻🔮

Anonymous → How did you get the videos kian posted on sc and post them on here? Xx

an app🌻

hoona-boona → Do you know what is Ricky's snapchat?


okd434 → What is your magcon blog? Btws I like you o2l fan page ❤️🌸

I don’t have a magcon blog! this & are the only blogs I have, I meant if you guys want info about magcon go to a magcon blog, not here👽 & thankya thankya💘

Anonymous → Do you have the magcon members snapchats

Guys, if you want info about magcon.. go to a magcon blog!😝